Scam Report

Don’t get Scammed – Rent from the Owners you can trust!

This SCAM has been going on for several years

There is a group of individuals that use Craigslist and other websites in all parts of the US and the world. – Florida, San Diego, Houston, New Orleans, Hawaii and Europe.

They make promises, ask for a deposit and few nights rental and then leave you with NO rental vacation home and with your money.

Tips to avoid the scam – If it sounds too good- IT is!

Ask to see the Home, if you can’t go inside, pass on it!

  • Speak directly with the homeowner- If you can’t speak with the owner or rental agent, pass on it!
  • If the owner will not meet you at the Home and let you go inside, pass on it!
  • If you meet people renting the home, ask them questions about the owners, if you can’t then pass on it!
  • Get a phone number of owner, and be sure to call him back, if you can’t pass on it!
  • Never Ever Wire money to a bank account without confirming ownership of the home you are renting, if you can’t pass on it!
  • Be care full with Pay Pal and ALL forms of payment.- Confirm who you are working with or pass on it!
  • Ask for references or pass on it!
They say they are owners but they are not! They invite you to walk around the house but coincidentally no one is available to show it to you. The scammers are always available a day you are not.

Scammers like this have stolen our photos and our text and from our LEGITAMATE LISTING and then listed our home on Craigslist. This is not only happening in Point Pleasant but San Diego, Hawaii, The Poconos Florida and Europe…..

These listings are found in the vacation rental section of Craigslist.

These scammers are trying to solicit response from potential renters. They send contracts/ rental agreements which look real, asking you questions and o confirm a date. They will E-mail to you once you have agreed on dates.

The form looks like real enough as a rental agreement and can include a set of rules and regulations for use of the home.

They will ask you to return the document. Then they will give you bank wire information so you can send your $500 Refundable security deposit, and the first few nights of payment. They will tell you that you can bring the rest of the money with you and pay on arrival.

The scammers promise that they will meet you, (to collect the rest of the money and check you in) or that tell you the key will be waiting for you at the property and someone will come by to pick up the rest of the money. They say they will do this the day the rental starts.

On the arrival day the home is NOT available!

The renters are out of their money (50% of the stay per night rent plus the security deposit). (Remember the security deposit they were going to give you when you check out.)

We see the advertisements with our home and photos and it is a serious problem.

Finally, The scammed renters show up at our home after being ripped off with their family in the car only to be in tears.

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***WARNING*** beware of fake ads on Craig’s List!
Scammers have been posing as owners and agents!!!
They are making FAKE/BOGUS reservations and telling YOU to show up at the house!
Check out the source ~ make sure the company you choose is authorized … Speak to the Owners!
Visit the home!